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Plaid scarf, black and white striped long sleeve tshirt, black skinny jeans and black boots.

Try this 30-minutes workout to boost your metabolism and maximize your calorie-burning potential.

Church Outfit: This outfit is perfect for church because it is modest. The skirt is not too short, so there are no worries about it riding up or showing off things. The denim jacket really pulls the red skirt and the scarf together.

Cheese and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts – an impressive dish for a Sunday night dinner or a Holiday. Delicious chicken rolls with a surprise filling.

This is your #8 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in June: Teriyaki Cauliflower Rice Bowls | Caramelized sweet potato, edamame, avocado, fire-roasted corn, and ginger-scented cauliflower rice come together for a healthy and satisfying bowl! - 274 re-pins!!! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @activevege ! Vegan Community Board