my life exactly, and because of this I learned exactly how to live life the right way. I couldn't ask for a better man in my life than my dad. My dad 7 years ago, that is!

Looks good to me!!

My dad actually did this to me when I went to work with him one time and didn't have a ponytail holder :/ Of course he had zip ties in his truck. Zip ties and duct tape fix everything!

Algunos superheroes no usan les llaman "Papa"...  Fathers Day Printable for a super dad!

Lovely Father's Day Free Printable Cards

Father’s Day Free Printable. Slide into a frame perfect gift for Dad. cute idea instead of a wreath 30 Easy DIY Baby Gifts

Proud to be DADDY's girl! #Dads

"yes, I am a daddy's girl!" ♥ ( considering I'm the only girl in the family)

Girls and Guns. Gotta say thanks to MY dad for pullin' a gun on a boy.... LOL

Check out the Guns Don't Kill People, Dads With Pretty Daughters Kill People T-shirt from Roadkill T-shirts. Being a dad means protecting your young!

I love this... My dad is my biggest fan! He encourages me in every single thing I do. I am so grateful for our adult relationship. We were kept apart so long by lies and minipulation, God is good!

Printable Quotes to Make "Dad" Feel Special for Fathers Day or Any Day

My dad is my best friend, but he never forgets that he's my dad first. He's the reason I am the man I am he taught what a fathers love and support is all about!

So true love you dad! Bert Labbe Sr.

A nod to all the AWESOME step-dads out there that have embraced their roll as Dad in a childs life. Especially my husband who has stepped up to the plate more than once in my childrens lifes.