Blus is a colour of peace and calm. Use it for a little respite during the day.

I chose this image because I liked the color and texture of the feathers. I would use this as a costume design. I just love the effect of layering feathers and think that if done correctly, it can look like fabric.

Beautiful flowers are always in season! #beauty #blue #flowers

purple peonies, I never knew that my favorite flower came in the color purple! The color purple represents Fibromyalgia , and I live with that on a daily basis!

Mosaic Painting Abstract Art Aqua White 12x36 by terracegallery

BLUE - Mosaic Painting Abstract Art Aqua White by terracegallery

Someone in Naantali, Finland lives in a Moomin house. This just made the world better. via automatism

Serenity Now

Moomin House, Naantali, Finland photo via iden I didn't think a blue house could be so gorgeous and inviting in the winter.

Simple ideas to dress up your home! #DIY #Glass

20 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Home Improvements

I love glass/crystal door knobs and purple is my favorite color. I would never use a purple door knob but that doesnt mean its not fabulous!


How to Make Blueberry Jam a Canning Recipe. Blueberries are wonderfully healthy. You can preserve them by making jam and enjoy them well into the winter months. They are delicious on breads and hot cereals.