- Herb Brooks #Hockey #MiracleonIce

- Herb Brooks Greatest coach, one of the greatest sports moments of all time, and in turn greatest sports movies. Do you believe in Miracles?

And you say your sport is difficult. Batch compared to mine you sit there twiddling your thumbs

A quote from Brendan Shanahan - Hall of Famer - Is Hockey Hard? YES it's hard! Only the best athletes can play hockey.more difficult than baseball or basketball.

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He would love this print on a tee! He loves hockey and the Detroit Red Wings above all else. (Not me, naturally. This is from Pucks & Pixels Hockey Design > I would love :D

Hockey quote ...perfect for my family room!

Hockey quote Just like you're never going to stop me from achieving what I want to achieve by hitting me over my head - you've got to take my body and make it physically impossible.