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DIY Make garlands with skeleton leaves

yer a wizard 'Arry. But-but i'm just harry.just harry. No 'Arry, yer a wizard. but I'm just harry. Yer a wizard harry.yer a wizard. A wizard harry. Yer a wizard harry! No but I'm harry just harry

aaaaaaand now im crying

aaaaaaand now im crying (PS - thestrals are the winged horse-like creatures that pull the carriages. people only see them if they have seen someone die)

When someone pointed out how awesome Hermione and J.K. Rowling are. | 29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

When someone pointed out how awesome Hermione and J. Rowling are. Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

When they thought that maybe Dumbledore was a bit of a prankster. | 29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About "Harry Potter"

29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About "Harry Potter"

dumbledor actually seened like a funny guy who would bet with minerva and prank with the marauders

All the reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight. I've read them both, enjoyed them both (but in twilight I just found it funny to make fun of Bella throughout the book). But HP still wins.

Must I go on?

Very good points. HP wins every time. I don't like HP but I hate twilight even more so HP wins in my book!

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So true! I love whomever made this! I have a friend who makes fun of me all the time for claiming Hufflepuff cause she's a Slytherin. Well now I know she's an idiot ;

Stephanie Meyer vs. J.K. Rowling…Correct on so many levels. love the Stephen King comment at the end!

Stephanie Meyer vs. J.K. Rowling…

Stephanie Meyer Vs Jk Rowling: Harry Potter will always win! I don't see a twilight theme park anywhere

Timeless series.... Up with Lord of the Rings and Tom Sawyer.

:*( Literally was 13 years of my life, from reading the book in 1998 for the first time, to watching the last movie. So sad.

Realizations learned through reading the series,  Harry Potter...

I cry every time. Because this is true, and their is no way to stop it. Mankind may be doomed, but some people help us stop it. Those people are like JK ROWLING, they are writers.

@nobleparis ✧☾harry potter vs twilight<-- Wait, there's actually a competition between Harry potter and twilight? <<< wait there's actually a comparison?<<< HARRY POTTER RULES THE FANDOM KINGDOM

They're considering a Twilight theme park. [Incoherent sobbing] I don't want to live in a world where Twilight has theme parks

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

The Gandalf portrait in chamber of secrets is false, but otherwise some awesome HP facts.

The only thing I was truly like WHAT about while reading this was the Arthur Weasley and Sirius Black thing! I was way more attached to Sirius than Arthur. I actually cried when Sirius died. Why did she do this to me >.< D:

Funny pictures about Harry Potter fun facts. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter fun facts. Also, Harry Potter fun facts photos.

Harry potter

That number 2 fact is breaking my heart (Snape + Lily forever!) Now, if only I could figure out what had to happen for Harry/Hermione to occur.(NOT MY CAPTION BUT TRUE)


Chamber of Secrets: Bringing couples together since 1992 Lol so true

I have nothing against Movie Potter fans, but really, you don't know what you're missing... :3

If you didn't read Harry Potter but watched the movies. It made me so mad that they left out the whole Kreacher being nice thing. That was one of my favorite things about that book.