Downton Abbey

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Relive the 50 most hysterical moments from "The Office" before Dunder Mifflin closes its doors forever.


50 Funniest Moments From 'The Office'

Marvel/DC planned movie releases.

Marvel & DC Comics Movies until year 2020

When Lorelai stayed up all night with her dog, Paul Anka, because she wanted to be a “good mom.” | 47 Moments Every "Gilmore Girls" Fan Will Never Get Over


47 Moments Every "Gilmore Girls" Fan Will Never Get Over

Dirty Dancing poster

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A Walk To Remember

My Adventures As An Awkward Loner.

"I use this quote all the time in my classroom when I am trying to explain that women played a much bigger role in history than the textbook gives them credit."

j e s s i c a | v a l e n t i
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Best movie

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The Parent Trap

Favorite Movie Soundtrack

dirty dancing

Lace Em Up | The Style Spy

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, with Dick Van Dyke

Mail Online
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first episode to the last

Upper East Side


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Haha funny Gilmore Girls quote! Free Pinterest E-book (Get loads of followers)

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Sabrina Spellman & Harvey Kinkle | Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996 - 2003) #melissajoanhart #naterichert #couples

Sabrina Spellman (Character) - Comic Vine

Gossip Girl, Masquerade - Season 1

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Vera-Ellen, Danny Kaye, and Bing Crosby on the set of “White Christmas”

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5 favorite Chuck to Blair quotes

Good night, Posterous

Chuck & Blair

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Gilmore Girls

funny gifts from mom - Dump A Day

Mary Poppins

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A rare photo of Audrey Hepburn hair down and bright smile

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Chuck and Blair <3

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Gilmore Girls Confessions

seriously one of the best eps LOVE jess! sigh, jess really was the one for rory (gilmore girls)

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