love this Beanie!!!!!

Slouchy Hat Slouchy Beanie Cable Button Hat Hand Knit Winter Women Hat CHOOSE COLOR Taupe Brown Milk Chocolate Fall Chunky Christmas Gift

Silk Wrap Bracelet, JUST BREATHE - Silk Wrap Bracelet- just breathe bracelet- boho bracelet, boho- boho jewelry- just breathe

I would love an afternoon to just get coffee let it all out and just breathe. Reality is the MO of others just bites me in the ass. No one understands the hurt.

Trendy scarves in our favorite colors, peach and mint. Find chevron, tribal, heart, and ombre prints here.

Whether it’s blanket scarves, coats, capes or ponchos- fashion forward ladies are all wrapped up in this must have trend for chilly months! Blanket Scarf– so versatile, it can be worn wrapped around your neck or loosely draped over your …