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Colorful succulents

Oehme Van Sweden drought tolerant demonstration garden with grasses and agave at Cornerstone

William Joyce Design Southern California Vineyard - contemporary - landscape - san diego - by William Joyce Design. William Joyce Design Hi, thanks for your inquiry...the purple flowering plant is a Salvia and the green succulent is an Aeonium. The Aeonium would do fine in partial shade, but the Salvia prefers sun.

grasses and concrete

The Pinterest 100: Gardening; Create a lush garden sans H2O.

Desert garden

echiums, a stunning plant when it is in bloom. One of the best plants for bees, as the huge cones of purple flowers contain lot of nectar!

Succulents in the front - contemporary - Landscape - Orange County - Katie Cool

Another water-saving project in Menlo Park includes a rock bed with succulents. Courtesy of Ike Edeani.

Nassella Tenuissima, Bronze Carex, Combo this with natives as these both already grow well in 9b

drought tolerant front yard landscaping ideas | ... turf lawns with hardy, drought-resistant plants and rock gardens

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Rock Yard Landscaping | no grass front yard ideas | Bountiful Backyard

I love this drought-tolerate, native-plant landscaping -- so much better than lawns!

beautiful landscape for small front yards without grass

Drought Tolerant Landscaping Plans | Lose The Lawn" - Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

DROUGHT TOLERANT gardencrest - contemporary - landscape - san diego - debora carl landscape design

Spiral Aloe

this drift look is what you want on your slope area / contemporary landscape by Adam Woodruff + Associates, Garden Artisans

Rosemary & lavendar

Laguna Dirt photos outside a landscape architect's office in Laguna, CA ~ amazing...love the succulent spillers on the roof, too