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Taylor Tierney
Taylor Tierney
Taylor Tierney

Taylor Tierney

I'll catch you babygirl AW

Full body workout broken down by body parts

CPR For Dogs And Cats. "This Is What To Do If Your Pet Starts Choking Or Can’t Breathe" Wish I had known to do this a few years ago.

here's to strong women

On finding one's soulmate: | The 21 Best Things Samantha Jones Ever Said On "Sex And The City"

Print this Inspirational Quote for FREE at Mrs. Hines' Class - so true. I should print this and post it so I see it every day!

virgo...I'm not into zodiac signs, but since it said I was a ferrari, I thought i'd better pin it.

7 Components to Healthy, Strong Relationships

Inspirational Quotes: 10 Quotes To Help You Start Again After Divorce#slide=2037175#slide=2037175#slide=2037175

The art of deep and good conversation seems lost these days. I enjoy really bonding with someone not just through what I do with that person and what we share through “frolic” and “work,” but through mutual exploration of mind and thought - deep and meaningful discourse. Hopes, dreams, desires, fears, secrets, memories, fantasies, insights, beliefs, passions, convictions, philosophies, and values are just a few of many facets that can become intimate knowledge through good conversation. It’s a great form of intimacy, and intimacy requires elements of vulnerability, courage, sensuality, and expression, no matter what form it comes in and what context is intended… it’s part of the seduction and great reward that leads and results, respectively.