"Oh my heavens why did we not think of this before I got married?!  It would have made things so much easier, and I probably would have mailed out the thank you's in time too!"

Yellow & Grey Baby Shower Party Ideas

Have guests write their address on an envelope for ready to go thank you card envelopes. This will be such a time saver!

Perfect for the traveling couple.

Great idea for traveling or road trips. Get a big map of the US, and take a picture when you visit a new state. Cut the picture out in the shape of the state, and glue to the map! I'm definitely doing this!

50 Conversations To Have Before You Get Married

How about you try to just answer these for yourself. Cause if you can't answer them, you have no business asking someone else to. house of Doig: 50 Conversations To Have Before You Get Married

2015 Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dress Sheer Back Scoop Neck Lace Applique Bridal Gowns in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Wedding & Formal Occasion, Wedding Dresses

to save the bouquet from your wedding

This is a great way to save your wedding bouquet---save the heads of the flowers and frame them in a shadow box. I like the idea just for any dried flowers.

Good to know.

100 Questions Couple Should Ask Before Getting Married

100 questions couples should ask before getting married! This is awesome! Read this if you are in a serious relationship with someone

24 adorable surprise proposals that will melt your heart

Pinned for the rules, not the ring. My nails don't have to be done. I'm not a big "nail doing" person and asking for my dad's blessing is a must.

Wedding Dresses by Anna Campbell 2013. Intricate back detail beading.

Anna Campbell 2013 Gossamer Collection ~ Love the detail! I know this is bridal, but would love as an evening gown!

That's how you do a garter toss

Garter toss on a football.this is actually a good idea. The garter generally doesn't go far, but now that problem is solved. and what guy doesn't want to catch a football even if it has a garter on it ;)and what guy doesn't want ro