Girls on their period #1: Period store!

I want to make a period store. Everything chocolate, soft fluffy things, sweat pants, heating pads, cramp medicine and

Fuck periods #2 101-? by army-brat-celiac-chick on Polyvore featuring periods, quotes, fuck periods, backgrounds, f periods, funny, text, phrase, saying and funnies

The last one is completely true! luckly all my guy friends are so freaked out at the MENTION of periods, so they don't bug me that much!

Girls on their period #4: blood vs fairy dust

Why is this a "Teenager" post? This applies to ALL women.but fairy dust would be nice!

Girls on their period #2: Emotions

Girls on her period

girl on period-I for some reason found this extremely hilarious. Probably because i may have done something similar to this while on my period.