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Geminis sometimes just like to sit down in a quite area and just think. Not daydream. It's a great brain workout for them.

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This is SO true! Maybe thats why im having such a tough time sleeping these days.

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How To Attract Gemini: -Love to talk.a lot. -Speak your mind and teach them interesting things. -Engage in festivities with them, they will do most activities. -Be honest! Once trust is lost, it's a done deal.

Gemini & Being Alone

This is totally true. For anyone who is not Gemini, let me tell you, being alone for more than 2 hours for me is completely suffocating. If you know your Gemini, you know Gemini is known for being insane. Well, this is where we really begin the insanity.

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My most all time favorite quote. I am getting it as a tattoo someday. I think it perfectly describes me, along with a few "beautiful chaos" quotes.

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When a Gemini is focused, nothing will stand in their way. It will be their two minds against your one and odds are not in your favor.

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