casual dress & flat boots

oversized cardigan, dress, and boots.perfect for fall. With my black dress,sweater, boots


Sexy Punk Stripes Style Leggings

Sexy Punk Stripes Style Leggings are an awesome stocking stuffer for that funky gall on your list!


FYI: I would dress up like Madonna for talent shows and (lip) sing to the song, 'A Material Girl.' When I was a child growing up in the There was always a Madonna cassette in the car, I owned a tutu, and curled my hair in rollers- to tease the next day.

Hand Carved Pearl Ring By Shinji Nakaba

Hand Carved Pearl skulls Ring By Shinji Nakaba. I don't need a whole ring. Just one of these beauties on a chain, or in a little glass cloche display.

Nika Danielska Design

She Sells Seashells :: Nika Danielska Design. I don't have the figure or the experience, but damn, this is beautiful. It looks somewhere between seashell and skeleton.

ELLA - Shoulder Chain, Shoulder & Neck chain,  Body Necklace - GOLD 30% off. $125.00, via Etsy.

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s-b-r-n: darklyeuphoric: I hate to re-post without crediting the designer or providing a hyperlink to more information. Anyone know who designed this ensemble? postapocalypticfashion: (welcome linachang) nugothstyle: Nu got