How to REMOVE Hunter Rain Boot White Residue

How to remove the white wax residue from your Hunters use Goo Gone Spray Gel to remove white wax use UV TECH Protectant & Rejuvenator to further remove traces of the white wax and give them the shine

A plain tee paired with a black blazer and jeans is a chic alternative to the "jeans and tee" look.

Would wear this without the necklace! How to wear a blazer for a casual look without looking too professional.basically cute ways to style a blazer.

love the color combo!

So I have always really liked the color yellow, but just not on me. I always felt like it made my skin look like it had a weird tint to it. I have a couple of yellow shirts that I NEVER wear. But I kind of like the look of these yellow skirts .

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keira knightley new haircut Keira Knightley. Keira Knightley New Hair 2011 from Keira Knightley; 2011 from Keira Knightley Keira.

Love: cream sweater, colorful/flannel pattern button up, and black skinny pants/jeans

Cable knit sweater, plaid button-up, and black skinny jeans. If I was skinny with smaller boobs, I would wear this.

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The Sleek Long Layered Hairstyle with long Side Bangs for Long Brown Ombre Straight Hair

amazing tricks, you will never do your makeup the same again!

How To: Highlight & Contour like a pro. Amazing tips that will change the way you do makeup! The only difference in these photos is Highlighting and Contouring!

Cute fall outfit!

uuhhhmmm i would definitely put on a skirt or some jeans or something with this, but thats is a cute "shirt"

How to do a smokey eye. A is second darkest, B is lightest, C is second lightest, D is darkest.

How to do a smokey eye. A is dark, B is lightest, C is second lightest, D is darkest. How to do a smokey eye. A is dark, B is…

how to winterize bright jeans.

bright jean + white tee + grey sweater + grey scarf + black blazer + tan ankle boots // A pop of color in your pants and you can wear the top part with any color endless style

Wedges and slouchy socks.

I like these ankle boots with leg warmers. Leg warners add such great style to your boots/outfit

Weekend + Work: Tan Cardigan + Pearl Necklace + Brown Belt + Blue Button Down Shirt + Navy Jeans/Pants + Hair Down + Nude Flats

pretty amazing

Vintage wedding rings - I like the wedding band. Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitations wedding band-beautiful Since his favorite color is blue .