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Donna Temple*-Noble - Doctor Who | 17 Famous Characters With Hidden Meanings In Their Names | BRILLIANCE.

17 Famous Characters With Hidden Meanings In Their Names

parenting: you're doing it right!

It was at this moment that I felt, yeah, He's gunna be an okay Doctor. Love ten... So much

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dr Who fandom...

We are an extremely WEIRD fandom, folks...

Unless you're River...


This makes me cry every single time! Wilf! I miss him. He was such an amazing character with such depth.

Sherlock's been watching far too much Hitchcock... but now that I think about it... Sherlock and John live in an apartment with a dead body in their refrigerator ... not exactly a chest but similar... apparently Sherlock and Moriarty are not the only ones who gets bored and mess with people's ideas, eh Steven Moffat? (Rope)

The 50th anniversary is going to go like this...Rose is with 10 (or maybe 10.5) who are working alongside Eleven who used to be Ten (and used to love Rose) but is now married to River (who is also married to Ten?) and flirting with Clara. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Billie and Matt who used to date are now working together, again. Relationship status = it's (freakishly) complicated...


The world needs more Benedict Cumberbatch.

Rose's promise to the Doctor.

Sherlock button - I want this so bad!

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… This was one of my favorite lines :)

I loved that part.

Behind the scenes of the filming of Doomsday. I think the look on Davids face as he watches Billie cry on set is almost as heartbreaking as the first time I watched this scene.

Doctors. 9 10 and 11. Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith

Location of old Police Boxes in the UK. Hello TARDIS!

Downton Abbey XD ♥

this line pretty much made me gush with happy.

I mean, for a hermit, yeah.


It's smaller on the outside!