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Sometimes a mom just needs a 5 minute break! haha. @Darcy Fitzpatrick Meade @ Danae Harris

Each bday, anniversary date, and kids' birthdays. Very cute! @danaeharris

Forever and Always@Darcy Meade

Africa travel Art to Love! salvagedbliss@Danae Harris

you're vs your@Danae Harris

Sugar doilies for tea and coffee!@Danae Harris

25 Practical Survival Uses For Duct Tape | Outdoor Life Survival @Danae Harris (saw this and thought of you!)

the penguin car handbook @MAGNA Paint / Julie Bonifay @Danae Harris--have you been to It is amazing . . .You can choose an image or browse palettes others have created. Very cool! I can imagine a million uses for this.

These Christmas Music Subway Art Prints {3 Versions!} from @Mmscrapshoppe are sooo cute!@Danae Harris

Make these beautiful paper jar boxes with lids from woven strips of colored paper. Templates and instructions included plus other unique paper constructed items. @MAGNA Paint / Julie Bonifay

[Who needs a fancy yarn bowl when a cute teapot will do!]@Darcy Meade

Bothashof (now Eaglesvale) - my wonderful school!!! @Barry Bonifay @Danae Harris

Crochet Baby Cocoon@Darcy Meade

How to make your words into a heart shape using Microsoft Word I don't believe this--I'll have to try it@Danae Harris

Tea doilies: Doilies made of sugar meant to be put in a cup of tea.@Danae Harris

  • Danae Harris

    What?! So cool! I should get some for our January tea party.

Christmas tree waffles -- breakfast for little ones@Danae Harris

Use Sharpie to write on the washer, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Simple.@Darcy Meade

A Little Mummy Dishtowel » Flamingo Toes@Danae Harris (couldn't resist--this is so cute!

Betsey Johnson@Darcy Meade

Make one of these for Grandma with all her grandchildrens names@Danae Harris. This would be a great present for Floyd & Betty!--all those names! (I have an extra Scrabble set you could use. . . ;-) @Annie Gervais, saw Scrabble, thought of you!

Crib mattress upcycled into reading nook. Love this idea for the little girls!@Danae Harris @Darcy Meade