Telia Bridgens

Telia Bridgens

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Telia Bridgens
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I keep posting this. Whenever I see it, if I ignore it I feel like im not a real fan.

Well i hate carter but love to boys so<<<<<HOW DARE YOU? All of them deserve our respect and love just the same! Carter is Just as important as the Jacks, Nash, and Cam! If you don't love all of them then you're not a true fan -Sophie

I can't wait until I get there ! Thanks to all of those people who helped me. You guys are the greatest fans in the world ❤

I come from Queensland, my first language is English and I call them HAIR BANDS OR HAIR TIES

SC English Hair Elastics<<TX/English/hair ties, chonga<<TN/English/Hair Things(Thingys xD)<<<Northeast English Hair clasps<<<<<MS/English/scrunchies or hair ties<<<<<<<America/English/ponytail bands<<< Arizona/English/ponytail holders<<<<<

OMG this is so sad

I'm not a fan of one direction, don't like them at all actually. But this is so sad, she shouldn't have been bullied. She liked what she liked, it's like someone getting bullied for liking dogs. It's terrible.