Thiago Cardoso de Lima

Thiago Cardoso de Lima

Thiago Cardoso de Lima
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Ammo and Gun Collector

Bullets Precisely Split in Half (photographer: Sabine Pearlman) We are one evil species. Seems like all we are good at is coming up with more affective ways to kill or maim each other :(

... full body suit tattoo, a sign in some Asian cultures, apparently, of

The artwork for Miss Kō's colourful tattoos was created by Horikitsune (aka Alex Kofuu Reinke), the only European to have trained as an apprentice (for more than 15 years) in the traditional Japanese art of Irezumi (tattooing).


- Mossberg Tactical 464 SPX Lever Action Shotgun- Hmmmm jury is still out on this for me. Kinda Like kinda don't.

DIY Headboard @ DIY Home Ideas | Home Sweet Home/ DIY / Cute headboard idea

I love the idea on putting letters above the headboard. I never thought about using a door for a headboard though, I might like that idea if I saw the bed actually pushed up against it.