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I love them Mud slingin' Horse ridin' Boot wearin' Good lookin' Hard workin' Tractor drivin' COWBOYS!

Fallon Taylor of Dynasty Equine. I know a lot of people talk trash on her for her for her wild outfits and glamorous disposition but I personally love it.

Wild Horse by Ernst Haas

On the set of the United Artists film The Misfits, directed by John Huston, a rearing horse sweeps its handler off his feet and leaves him clinging to its neck. Original Publication: In black and white book (Photo by Ernst Haas/Getty Images)

cowboy baby

Cowboy boots and hat. IMO, these particular boots are hideous but I'm impressed by the well shaped hat.

John-Wayne%2C-the-Western-archetype%2C-Warner-Brothers-Studios%2C-during-the-filming-of-%27The-Cowboys%27-1971%2C-by-Bob-Willoughby.jpg 1.089×1.600 Pixel

John Wayne - The Cowboys He was one of my favorite actors way back when. My mom's favorite actor was John Wayne. Cowboys are the backbone of this country.

#Cowboys #Western #Rodeo

Save a horse ride a cowboy! Well, if it's him I can't really complain!

Cowboy beans Food

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Baby cowboy

A very well-equipped itty bitty cowboy in an orphaned photo -- [Real African-American cowboys at]

#Cowboys #Western #Rodeo

I have become obsessed with the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network! I love her passion for life, food and her family! This picture of her husband and son is priceless :)