Don't mistake my silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance /or/ kindness for weakness. So I want to end my MMA training so I will be awesome like a boss!


Real life right here! I don't trust people that dogs don't like/that don't like dogs. - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

May we exist like the lotus at ease in muddy water -Zen Proverb

May we exist like the lotus at ease in muddy water -Zen Proverb. I relate so much to the lotus flower

<3 I'm waiting and praying for my mom to come visit me every night until she finally does. I just wanna hear her voice. :(

Have You Received Your Visit From Heaven Yet? Every so often your loved ones will open the door from Heaven, and visit you in a Dream. Just to say "Hello" and to remind you they are still with you, just in a different way.

Miss you so much! ♡

You Never Said Goodbye: A Poem About Losing a Loved One ~ Teach Me Genealogy I love you dad, and miss you so damn much

You get what you work for quote

Need an extra boost to get to the gym this morning? Having trouble sticking to your fitness plan? Well, get ready to take your fitness to the next level with 35