Start writing things in this starting from when you get engaged and give it to him on the morning of the wedding...words are the best gifts. Oh my god. This is adorable.

Wedding idea: "Start writing things in this starting from when you get engaged and give it to him the night before the wedding for late night reading that will leave him more excited than ever to wake up the next morning.

this is  great for guests to do while the wedding party takes pictures

Leave out advice cards near the guestbook or on the dinner tables. I like this idea as an icebreaker for people who might not know each other.

i spy for the wedding guests

“ “Give the young kids a check list at the reception & a few disposable cameras and see what they capture!” ” photo scavenger hunts are my favorite “keep the kids busy” activity at weddings

Amen! Amen! Amen!

I can't promise you that marriage will be easy, but I can say that marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a treasure worth fighting for. SO true.Marriage is SO worth working on and fighting for. Thank you Lord for putting my husband I together.


Weddbook ♥ Sparkly wedding kiss photography with sparklers! the bride & groom & love kiss photo ideas.

groom kissing bride's hand

How wonderful it must have been to live in at a time when a gentleman approached a woman and kissed her hand. I want my man to kiss my hand when he approaches me!This would be a very good idea for a engagement photo or wedding day photo.


be with someone that requires you to grow makes you forget your problems holds your hand, likes to kiss appreciates art, and adores you. And someone that loves Jesus!

twigs with candles

Branches to appease Aaron? Flowers and branches centerpieces. We could get the branches ourselves! Add some crystals and candles and voila!

love this idea!  not all guests at the wedding know your wedding party.

"Meet the wedding party" program. I always wonder who people are in the party. I would post a big board just before the aisle with pictures of the party and their signatures! No one needs a program anyway.