千聡 長谷川

千聡 長谷川

千聡 長谷川
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Brooke Candy avant garde makeup

Brooke Candy lands the cover story of Paper Magazine's September 2014 issue captured by photographer Richard Burbridge with styling from Nicola Formichetti.

Olga Danilova Makeup | Fantasy Makeup | Brown Lips | with accessories #lace #white #makeup #headpiece #fashion #vintage #blackswan #gorgeous

Sirenuca (Cantabrian), a beautiful but disobedient and spoiled lady with a fancy for climbing the most dangerous cliffs of Castro Urdiales to sing with the waves and was, therefore, transformed into an ephydriad

Avant Garde makeup

Lips red as blood and skin white as snow. What color is Ms. what if we could surgicly put meddle on our face that would stay forever just liker in the pic


Every Goth needs to know how to apply black lipstick. We've found two good video tutorials, photos and step-by-step instructions on how to properly apply black lipstick.