Haha so true!

this is my life. I do it with texts, emails, and im's too :( I always thing, "I'll get back to that later when I have time to." Rarely do.

haha yep

eCard: I'm going to let these pans soak. Otherwise known as, I don't feel like doing the dishes. This is so true and so me.

@Karen Jacot Smallwood  - this is you! Seriously~~!!!!

Thank you for all of your hard work. We are going to reward you by giving you other people's work to finish.-- MY LIFE

This is true.

“My age —> I'm "it's and you want to start a movie this late?" years old.

You're welcome

I'd rather tell my friends the hurtful truth. If they won't want me after that, it's ok. At least I did my part as a friend. Sugar-coating the truth never helps them.

For those cold winter days when you're feeling anti-social

For those cold, winter days...

For those cold winter days when you're feeling anti-social HAHA! I don't know why, but this is HILARIOUS! :) it's like a snuggie in sweater form


Free and Funny Christmas Season Ecard: Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my own island where I won't have to deal with any stupid people.


You have been in the room ten seconds and already annoyed me three times.- how I feel when many of my students enter the room

Hahaha this is too funny! Coffee and wine are like my life coaches. Coffee is there for a pat on the ass, 'Go get'em we can do this!' And then wine is like, 'You'll get them tomorrow You gave it a good shot. Keep your chin up.