Hiding your panties. I know I do it!

Why do you bother hiding your panties at the gyno's office? She's gonna be looking right up your hoo-hah. She can handle seeing your panties laying on the chair. lol doctor panties ladies funny humor - I know I tuck mine into my pants!

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS YOUTUBE THING?! Comment if you watched Charlie the unicorn

unicorns on a bridge: this is literally me and my friends: that's tragic. Not as tragic as your face. Aww, come on. That was uncalled for. Your face is uncalled for.

This doesn't even need a caption

Cat bath.

This is why I'm a crazy cat lady! If these cant make you laugh, giggle or smile at all then you're not human!

hair color ideas with highlights and lowlights - Google Search

Highlights and low lights (I really like this! Maybe for Winter?) Jess Pearl Liu Ross this is perfect! Love that shade of blonde and the lowlights!

accurate. Pinterest: @meghnaprasad4

With Jesus, this is completely inaccurate, but still so funny😂 this is us trying to turn life around on our own.

funny memes about girls on their period wallpapers

Instead of getting their period, girls should just get to sleep for 5 days straight every month. Everyone wins.

REALLY!?! Don't Tell Amy Poehler What To Do With Her Lady Business! on @Upworthy

REALLY!?! Don't Tell Amy Poehler What To Do With Her Lady Business!

My love is not unconditional. The terms are: you not being an asshole. And as Ive realized, I can even love an asshole.

just about every women will understand. I love the "bitch I will drown you in my blood" lol!! | See more about period tiger, tigers and memes.

Period Tiger- a period meme woohoo! Gross but true and hilarious