radiator covers from Home Depot turned functional art/jewelry storage

Frame + decorative radiator cover sheet from Home Depot = earring storage. Need some pretty earring storage!

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From Better Homes & Gardens, a jewelry storage board. For more great ideas go to http://decoratingfiles.com/2012/06/creative-diy-and-nifty-storage-solutions/#

This is the perfect jewelery holder! It's just a cork board covered in a burlap sack accented with a little ribbon and the jewelry is hanging on dresser knobs . This one ups my Corkboard jewelry holder.

Jewelry Organizer

Pinterest Put-To-Rest: Jewelry Organizer

would love this for a walk-in closet--> Peg board from Lowe's painted a fav color w/ hooks to hang necklaces & bracelets. Reasonably priced & would hold all of my jewelry; this is going in my closet.

Organize your jewelry with these 50+ DIY jewelry organizer tutorials @savedbyloves

Organize your jewelry with these DIY jewelry organizer tutorials

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Do it yourself jewelry organizer for earrings and necklaces. The earring holder is made from a picture frame and an aluminum screen. The necklace organizer is made from a shelf and knobs.

Para ordenar tu aretes

Dangling Earring Display - Get creative with this idea! There are oh so many options out there for chains; different materials, colours, link sizes and shapes. Why not put your jewellery options at eye level to boost visibility?

Earring board made out of a picture frame and a radiator cover from home depot. Ive made one and its hanging in my room - I love it!

Decorative radiator grates from Home Depot, paired with a simple frame = perfect place to hang my earrings! IHeart Organizing: an easy DIY project!

organzing jewelry with paint sticks.  Just add push pins.  I put up cork board squares and put stick pens in it and hung my earrings from it.  I just stuck the stick pens in the sheetrock walls in my bathroom for my necklaces.  Looks great

Organizing jewelry with paint sticks. Just add push pins or cup hooks. Additional ideas: put up cork board squares and put stick pens in it to hang earrings. Stick pens in the sheetrock walls for necklaces.

I need something like this. And the site has a couple other pictures with jewelry organization ideas. LOVE IT!

Enjoy these 15 creative, DIY ideas for jewelry organization. I love creating jewelry organizers out of things we already have. Frugal, creative and fun!

Just figured out what I'm going to use the piece of drift wood I found in Costa Rica for =)

jewelry holder - get a strip of wood and some knobs from Hobby Lobby or World Market! I love the drawer pulls at HL! I need to figure out something with the pallet wood (maybe a frame?) that can incorporate an eclectic collection of HL knobs.