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Proctor and Gamble honors everything that all moms do to help their children succeed


Julie Schlosser and Lee Clifford are the SpitfireMoms behind Altruette, a philanthropic jewelry line producing pretty and doing good.

For Toyota itself, the program means a lot more visibility for its philanthropic efforts. Nearly 27,000 people have viewed the video explaining this year's 100 Cars for Good program, and the company's Facebook posts about the program routinely get hundreds of "likes."

Sevenly | Do Good - Cause & Charity T-shirts | Tee-Shirts that Raise Money for Charities | Sevenly, Support a Cause

Clockwork Gears is a clothing design company who has paired with philanthropic organization, Falling Whistles, to support a peaceful Congo.

Roald Dahl’s Granddaughter Gives Back with Fashion

Courtesy of Faircloth & Supply For Phoebe Dahl, clothes are much more than a reflection of individual style. The Los Angeles clothing designer’s company Faircloth & Supply creates hand-crafted pieces that are both fashionable and philanthropic. Dahl quit her job working for Amsterdam designer Jupe By Jackie and moved back home to Los Angeles after her mom urged her to take the leap. It shouldn’t be surprising that Dahl’s family encouraged her to take a creative step. The designer is the…

SOLO Eyewear has a vision to give. Each pair purchased funds eyeglasses and cataract surgery for people in need. Meet the 2 young, innovative, philanthropic women who run the company!

A New Nonprofit Model: Meet The Charitable Startups

Startup companies are traditionally for-profit enterprises, but in recent years philanthropic ventures have begun adopting the technological know-how and scrappy mentality of startups to develop a new breed of lean nonprofits.