It's funny 'cause it's true

I got her a plunger…

Ecard: I got that bitch a plunger. Bitches love bringing up old shit.


Karma, is Now Ready to be Served. Hope you Enjoy it, because you Deserve it. Karma is Now Available & Ready to Serve Your Ass.

I DON'T CARE .... -

I know I come off as I hate my job but seriously the people annoy the fawk out of me! (Pretty much sums it up for me!

Some things are better left unsaid, but... retro humour funny #retrohumour #vintage #quotes

Dressing like Olivia Pope and Pop, Fizz, Clink and Bears Beat.

Some things are better left unsaid, but I'm probably going to get drunk and say them anyway - vintage retro funny quote

LOL ... check!! "Congrats on getting away with stuff I GOT fired for"

So freaking true! I think we all have people at work that this applies.