Finally someone gets it.

The top is sexy the bottom is pedophilia. Damn boys trying to be men grow facial hair and get a body that dosent look like my 13 year old nieces then you can apply for your sexy man card.

Just when you think Gerard Butler can't get any hotter...he grows his beard out...

Just when you think Gerard Butler can't get any hotter.he grows his beard out! I love a man with a good beard!

Daryl Dixon

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I would climb him like a tree. Those of you who know me are familiar with the "Climb him like a tree" comments I make, so this is P-E-R-F-E-C-T ;

Gerard if I could just listen to him talk forever.

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Swoon! <3

haha i have to say i have writtin thats how country girls roll after going mudding on a truck lol

Aaron Rodgers mmmmm

Aaron Rodgers Pictures - Green Bay Packers - ESPN not much of a packers fan but Lord this man is pretty

Gerard Butler, oh God there aren't words <3 my most favorite.

"Gerald Butler look at his eyes in this!This man is But he is quite easy on the eyes.