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Homeschooling Teens Who Are Easily Distracted -- Includes Free Printable Task List

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Courses for Homeschool High School- What Needs to Be Covered

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Tips For Your High School Homeschooler

Are you getting ready to have a high school student in your homeschooling system? Then let us give you a few tips to help you succeed.

5 Secrets to Keeping Up with Your Homeschool Portfolio

That pile of homeschool work is a thing of the past. You CAN become victorious with homeschool organization this year. Let me tell you my secrets!

A Homeschool High School Schedule

Are you pondering a homeschool high school schedule and looking for an example of one? Currently I have three high school students in the house and thought I'd share the schedule we've developed after much trial and error.

A Look at CuriosityStream: Streaming Documentaries for Your Homeschool

A CuriosityStream review - the 'Netflix for nonfiction'. Take a look at CuriosityStream and how to use it to encourage interest led learning in your homeschool.