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    INXS - Official Website


    He's friends with Taylor Harry and now me!! Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performs for us today on Katie!!

    Miss America Hopeful Allyn Rose & Singer-Songwriter Ed Sheeran


    Fleetwood Mac - one of my all time favorite bands. And I've got tickets. Yeah I'd be jealous too. ;-)

    Steve Band Miller - Recall the Beginning Journey from Eden

    Platter Party - New Music Releases


    Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey This documentary presents the musical saga of Arnel Pineda, who goes from singing in Manila nightclubs to fronting the legendary rock band Journey

    Watch Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey Online | Netflix


    There are no Secret Santas in the Jedi Council.

    There are no Secret Santas in the Jedi Council


    American Hustle (December 2013) dir. David O. Russell

    -Mumford & Sons

    Mumford & Sons on hiatus

    Taylor Swift

    Ed Sheeran People Magazine

    ed sheeran / \

    ~ I don't ever wanna let you down, I don't ever wanna leave this town, cause after all this city never sleeps at night ~ #ImagineDragons - It's Time

    Imagine Dragons - "Demons" lyrics. I love this song :)

    The Cars

    Totally surprised how much I loved his movie...really well done and fab actors.

    Hero - Family of the Year

    Josh Ritter - The Animal Years Cover artist: Jason Holley

    Flower by Amos Lee

    arcade fire


    journey band | Journey Bandhttp:/...

    Mercy Me

    Third Day ....loved hearing this band in concert!

    How great Thou art...