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an info poster showing the different types of medical devices and how they are used to monitor them
DNA: Can siblings have different ethnicity estimates? - MyHeritage Blog
DNA: Can siblings have different ethnicity estimates? - MyHeritage Blog **
an old map with the words online historical maps for genealy research on it
Free Online Historical Maps for Genealogy Research | Are You My Cousin?
an old photo with the words how to trace the father of an illegitimate ancestor
How to Find the Father of an Illegitimate Child - Family Tree Resources
Finding Illegitimacy in Family Tree Research
a pencil and ruler on top of blueprint with the words how to build a genealogy research plan
How to Build a Genealogy Research Plan
how to build a genealogy reseach plan - pinterest
Family History Book
Family Tree University Will Be Back! - Family Tree
a family tree is displayed in a frame on a table next to an old lamp | Free Family Tree & Family History Service
Family Tree... Such an awesome thing to do! More
a book cover with the title tips for organizing geneeloy research on it and an image of a keyboard
Tips for Organizing Genealogy Research - Root To Branches
an old family tree is hanging on the wall
I think it is a very nice way to connect the photos to the records. Also a way to display information that relatives not generally interested in genealogy could appreciate. Could be done with digital scrapbooking.
a penguin with the text how to organize your genealy files with these filing systems
What To Do With All Those Genealogy Files! | The Sunburned Penguin
a table with the names and numbers of different types of items on it, which are labeled
Have you created a genealogy surname table?
the golden rules of genealogy for students to use in their writing and speaking skills
Golden Rules of Genealogy
Golden Rules of Genealogy - I came across this neat graphic on the Got Genealogy? FB page. A simple summary of some “Golden Rules of Genealogy.” on the National Genealogical Society blog. Editor’s Note: the graphic contains a statement “You have our permission to use/publish these Golden Rules as much as you like. Just give us credit for them, okay?”
an old map showing the location of highland and scots irish territory to america, as well as other major cities
The Highlander immigrants who helped build America
Highlander migration to America in the 18th century.
the scots in uster map with names and locations on parchment paper, including scotland
Scottish/Irish Migration - Surname Map
a red square with the words, millions of homestead act and other land records are free online from the blm
Millions of Homestead Act and Other Land Records Are Free Online from the BLM
Millions of Homestead Act (and other) land records