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I liked this website because you can search for many different lesson plans by just typing in a subject. I thought this was a good lesson plan to talk about immigrants and how America is so culturally diverse. It also gives students an opportunity to find out about their culture and engage in family discussions.


SS.5.18 Recognize differences between people of different cultures and abilities. SS.5.19 Realize that other children are more alike than different. SS.5.20 Realize that different families live in different types of housing. SS.5.21 Recognize community helpers. Age 4-5 Diversity

Multicultural Activities

Here's a diverse list of activities to teach about cultural diversity in the classroom or at home. We're more alike than we are different but out differences are fun to explore!

Books to Explore the Many Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Teach kids about Christmas around the world, and in their own backyard with these multicultural picture books.

This is another way to incorporate diversity into preschool learning centers. I used this in my science center! During our "all about me" unit, kids tried these knee high stockings on their arms to see which one most closely resembled their skin. Afterward I made them into this display.

Readers Theater: Folktales Around the World from mz applebee on (28 pages) - Incorporate cultural diversity into any language arts class with these folktale Readers Theater scripts from around the world. These classic tales from Scotland, China, Mexico, Africa, and India would be a great addition to any history classroom as

The Cultural Iceberg, showing aspects of surface culture and deep culture that stem from your cultural heritage