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karl martens The mate out flew a predator hawk - To live another day - Till morning - Black raven a beautiful tattoo this could be.


Raven study from the back showing the large,wide wing feathers they have. This was done from "life" using a taxidermy raven as a model. Brush and ink wa. raven from the back


midnight feathers caught on the wind of screams and wings take flight © JG Farmer 2015


Raven Study - Common Raven, orginal wildlife mixed media drawing on masonite is sold. Framed limited edition giclée wildlife print on canvas is available by Canadian wildlife artist Michael Pape.

King Arthur, the mythical 6th-century British king. One recurring aspect of Arthurian literature was the notion that he would one day return as a raven. The raven is a bird strongly associated with myth and legend. In Wales and the West Country, it was held to be a royal bird. ❤❦♪♫

The Raven King by Hannah of Old Wives Tales on Etsy “[The] rather odd tradition… that King Arthur turned into a raven, or perhaps Cornish Chough…. a bird strongly associated with myth and legend.

Crows Ravens: #Ravens ~ "The Delegates," by Mildred Anne Butler, 1923.

'The Delegates', 1923 - Mildred Anne Butler This reminds me of a famous painting of the Pilgrims walking to church- intentional?