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Figurative Language "Quickly, the face of her sister fell away like water down a slanted This Figurative language is a simile and the author used it to compare the sister facial expression to water down a slanted roof.

THE FAIRY SWAN- My Name is Bonnie Anne and I am 60 years old. Disclaimer: All images are copyright to their respective owners. I am not a photographer and give all credit to the gifted artists featured on my page. I edit my headers and background from...

For All Smokers: These 6 Amazing Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body

Lurkers are considered the individuals who look at people social networks but do not comment, like, or compliment an individual. People do this on be noisy and our generation have forgotten how to give compliments when they see something they like.

Here's a glimpse of some most beautiful female portraits that I feel brilliant captures. Spend some of your valuable time here and take a look all around yourself in this showcase.

Alyssa: n-no one wants me here anymore, soo, um......... I'm leaving. I k-know this is a bad time, but....... I just...... I have to get away....... I'm s-so sorry I failed you a-all....... So sorry.....

Hair Make up: TRY BOTH BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DAY! Make sure you know how you want to look on the day of your wedding and while youre at it, inform the person responsible for doing it of your plan. Make sure they understand your wish. Especially if that look