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Hand Art Kids

Flower Crafts For Kids

Peace Crafts For Kids

Child'S Hand

Crafts Kids

Activities for a new class! Get the children to design one or two hands :)

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Review Games For Kids

Classroom Review Games

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Classroom Ideas Misc

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Spanish Vocabulary Review Games

Teachers dread the end of the year tests. Their kids are ready for summer, but it's the test that reflects the work of the teacher. When I taught 6th grade, this was especially difficult, since my ...

Best Ever Games to Review in Any Content Area!

Mrs. Karles Sight and Sound Readingfrom Mrs. Karles Sight and Sound Reading

How to hold a pencil: The Alligator Trick

Alligator Trick

Alligator Pencil

Hungry Alligator

Alligator Craft

Reading Kindergarten

Preschool Writing

How To Teach Sight Words Preschool

How To Teach Sight Words Kindergartens

How To Teach Kids To Write

How to teach correct pencil grip - with the fun alligator trick! | Sight and Sound Reading

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Conferences Free

First Grade Conferences

Student Self Evaluation For Conferences

Kindergarten Conferences

Conference Self Evaluation

First Grade Self Evaluation

Kindergarten Student Interest Survey

Parent Student Survey

Kindergarten Self Evaluation

Parent Teacher Conference Time and Must Have FREEBIES

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Me Seven Habits

Habits Tlim

Habits Happy

Leader In Me 7 Habits

Habits Covey

Grade Habits

Steven Covey 7 Habits

Habits Intro

Leader In Me Behavior Chart

Anchor chart for "What is a habit?" For first graders- The 7 Habits by Steven Covey

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Tracey Harvey

Number Interactive

Interactive Poster

Tk K Numbers

Preschool 15 16

Math Warm

Teaching Math


Teaching Ideas

Math Skills

All about the number interactive poster

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Teach123 - Tips for Teachersfrom Teach123 - Tips for Teachers

Reading Center

Grade Reading Centers

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Add color to your reading center plus FREE printables.

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Reading Center

Homeschool Classroom Ideas

Ideal Classroom

Homeschool Mama

Homeschool Education


Classroom Year

Education Planning

Behaviour Chart

Free Behavior

printable behavior chart and how to use one in your classroom or home! cute and easy to do... reward and school store ideas

Printable Behavior Chart and School Store Ideas

Pre-K Behavior Chart

Traffic Light Behavior Chart

Shaping Behavior

Classroom Discipline Chart

Classroom Rules

Stoplight Behavior Classroom Management

Classroom Conduct Chart

Traffic Light System

Behavior Charts Kindergarten

Chevron Design Behavior Clip Chart (*add points red=0 yellow=2 green=4)

Chevron Design Behavior System

Clip Behavior

Visual Behavior

Rules Behavior

Behaviour Charts

Classroom Management Behavior

Teaching Management

Behavior Strategies

Classroom Strategies

Classroom Helps

Links to a cute clip behavior chart!!! Check out Journey's stuff from her website.

Live to Learn; Learn to Teach

Month Colors

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Things Student

Kids Favorite Things List

Favorite Things Worksheet

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Students Favorites

Writing Lists

Student Sheet

FREE! I have my students fill this out in the beginning of the year. Super cute for the students to fill out on the first day of school. Maybe use it later as a guessing game???

The Peanut Gallery

Getting To Know You

Get To Know You Math

Get To Know You Worksheets

Firsties Photo

Preschool Kidz

Preschool Name Writing

Classroom Ideas Writing

Writing Ideas

Name Writing Practice

Back to School writing, math, reading, projects, and more that are standards based, fun, and meaningful! $

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Resources Loads

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Excellent Resources

Laura'S Teaching

General Teaching

Teaching Language

Main Pinterest

Laura Candler's main Pinterest page with over 40 educational boards - mostly free resources! Repin this to one of your own boards, and it will be easy to find Laura's teaching resources!

Laura Candler (lauracandler)

Grade Differentiated

Teaching Differentiation

Differentiating Instruction

Teaching Strategies

Differentiated Choice Boards

Literacy Choice Boards


Instructional Strategies

Collective Differentiated

Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards...might be nice to keep something like this handy in the classroom to be more constantly cognizant of differentiating instruction

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Question Words And Exclamation Words Poster Set

Question Word Anchor Chart

Punctuation Anchor Chart

Punctuation Station

Question Posters

Punctuation Activities

School Anchor Ref Charts

Anchor Charts Posters

Neat Posters

Posters Ela

I made a similar question poster for my classroom. It's a great visual for students to help them generate questions.

Question Words And Exclamation Words Poster Set

David Peacebreakers

Peacemakers And Peacebreakers

Peacemakers Poster

Peacebreakers Poster

Peace Breakers

David Shannon

Thanksno David

Hello David

School Year

No David! Peacebreakers Anchor Chart! It is so stinkin' cute!!! Also has the positive Anchor Chart and other ideas for peacemaker activities

The First Grade Parade: No David! I’m a Peacemaker!

Year Activity

Activity Students

Students Job

I Love My Students

Roles Activity

Note Activity

Showing Students

Piano Students

Students Thinking

This type of chart is helpful for each segment of the day starting with Morning Meeting to Closing Meeting. For younger kids it also helps to have pictures attached so that expectations are clearly visible. For groups with short attention spans you can start with the teacher side already completed and build from there.

Hawk's Nest: 1st 7 days of school recap (part 1)

Year 1 Classroom Set Up

Teacher Ideas For Classroom

Future Classroom

Teacher Stuff

Ideal Teacher

Classroom Organization

Your Teacher

What Kind Of Teacher Do You Want?

Swap Teacher

What kind of teacher do you want? 1st day activity - I could see doing this to set up classroom environment

What kind of teacher do you want?

Scholastic Teachersfrom Scholastic Teachers

Bringing Families Together With One Book, Part 1: The Reading Program

Cute Preschool Classroom Ideas

Anchor Charts Kindergarten

Classroom Anchor Charts

Seating Chart Classroom Ideas

Classroom Carpet Ideas

Classroom Poster Ideas

Classroom Carpets

Preschool Idea'S

Bringing Families

I wanted to share with you how I use Cynthia Rylant’s book The Relatives Came in my classroom to introduce reader’s workshop, gather writing samples, and surprise my class with a week-ending event they talk about all year.

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Classroom Behavior Management

Teaching Behavior

Respectful Behavior

Class Management

Teaching Respect In Kindergarten

Teaching Rules And Procedures

Behavior Charts For The Classroom

Teaching Lesson

Behavior Ideas

‘Classroom Management’ anchor chart. Great for teaching the kids the respectful behavior you expect in the classroom

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Beginning End

Write From The Beginning


Day Week

Week 4K





Good beginning of the year brainstorm

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Morning Work For First Grade

Work Morning

Grade Morning

Morning Meeting

Howard S Classroom

Snell'S Classroom

Grade Learning

Education Learning

Future Classroom🤗

Morning Work for first grade

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Procedures, Procedures

Teacher Life

Future Teacher

Teacher Tips

Back To School Teacher Ideas

Classroom Organization Middle School

1St Year Teacher

New Teacher List

First Year Teacher Checklist

Teachers Day

beginning of the year procedures checklist

Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Procedures, Procedures

Organization Organizing

Mission Organization

First Grade Organization Ideas

Tracking Classroom

Student Tracking

Classroom Bathroom Management

Classroom Organisation

Classroom Number System

Student Tracker Board

great idea!

Mrs. Petite's Teaching Passion: My First Monday Made It!!!!

Shine Classroom

Classroom Bright

Future Classroom

Future Teacher

Overenthusiastic Teacher

Colorful Classroom Ideas

Preprimary Classroom

Pretend Classroom

Cute Classrooms

Classroom Decor And Organization Ideas - This post is FULL of great ideas for making your classroom bright and colorful :)

All Students Can Shine: Classroom Decor And Organization