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Expert Advice: 11 Tips for Making a Room Look Bigger

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My Note: the natural passage and movement draws the eye to the moon. The lights create a literal path and a movement towards where it is needed. The moon is framed by the lights: the artist uses composition to frame and pull towards the focus.

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Vertical Slums • Kowloo Walled City, Hong Kong. In an attempt to deal with its shortage of available housing for the middle and lower classes, Hong Kong turned storage units into 'housing' rentals. This is where that policy has led.

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The photographer's burgeoning travel series for Vogue depicts architectural icons so beautifully you won't mind if they come with a bit of vacation envy.

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Inspiration for Ivo Nikkolo collection . There are amazing architecture projects around the world. Here you can see every type of project, since buildings, to bridges or even other physical structures. Enjoy and see more at

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