Baklava Cookies

Baklava Cookies

Baklava Cookies ~they have the great taste of Baklava in cookie form w/the center delicious enough to eat alone! Perfectly sweet and chewy. Made in 5 min with an 18 oz pkg of refrigerated sugar cookie dough.


Creamy Chicken Soup is my absolute favorite soup on the planet! This is the best soup ever. Everyone always asks for this (easy) recipe! * sub flour. Combine with chicken pot pie soup recipe?

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes

Present Cookies

This is a fun new way to have chicken pot pie in a cupcake form! Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes Tip: Double the recipe and stash the extras in the freezer for easy lunches and last minute dinners.

Over 100 of the BEST Freezer Meal Ideas!

Over 100 of the BEST Freezer Meals

The Best Freezer Meals including breakfast, fantastic slow cooker dinners, cheap meals, and make ahead snacks.we have you covered!

23 Insanely Clever Ways To Eat Cauliflower Instead of Carbs

23 Insanely Clever Ways To Eat Cauliflower Instead of Carbs

how to make a strawberry refrigerator cake

Easy Recipes: Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

Strawberry Refrigerator Cake Ingredients 1 Duncan Hines Supreme Strawberry Cake MixIngredients Listed on Back of Cake Box (egg, water, oz) boxes of Frozen Strawberries in cup of cold oz ) box of Vanilla Instant oz) container of Cool Whip,

Buckeye Brownie Cookies

Buckeye Brownie Cookies - Brownie cookie with peanut putter ball and chocolate frosting? Cookies and Cups

Easiest Homemade Noodles Ever | Amish 365: Amish Recipes – Amish Cooking

Noodle-making is a culinary art among most Amish cooks. When it comes to Amish cooking and baking simplicity is the hallmark. And you don& get much more simple than homemade noodles, really, you don

Chicken Ranch Tacos

Chicken Ranch Tacos

Chicken Ranch Tacos - Build terrific tacos with a variety of creative toppings. Try using our Make-Ahead Shredded Chicken Breast. Just thaw and use three cups in place of the rotisserie chicken.