Get to know you games...great Ice Breakers!

Great back to school ice breaker: get to know you game idea. When it is your turn reach into your bag of MMs. Answer the question corresponding to the color for everyone to hear. Eat your MM!

Storytime Song

Storytime Song

"Hands Go Up" sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to transition them to the carpet for story time. Could use for pre-k or K to transition to music time.

brain break video clips...I love this!!

I love her brain break video clips!If you play these vids you will easily be the coolest teacher in the building! If only I had a smart board.

Attention grabbers for class

I've used toddler call/response that use motions to get their attention. They work. Though, I would absolutely never ever use the McDonald's call/response.

Interesting idea for math stations

Fun in Fourth Grade: Math rotations ROCK! This is a great example of scheduling for guided math! If you look this picture over carefully, you are sure to find a new idea (or a lot of them!

Songs to use in the classroom

A song a day keeps the students awake!

Here's a terrific set of sentence starters for use in science notebooks.

Here's a terrific set of accountable talk sentence starters for use in science notebooks.

Because I'm the teacher....

High Five classroom management idea and poster

Activities: Make a Pom Pom Caterpillar!

Make a Pom Pom Caterpillar!

Pom Pom Caterpillar inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar then add wings with coffee filter

Smiles and Sunshine: Workshop Wednesday: Pinterest Reading

I like this chart with ways to get the students thinking throughout their reading and getting them to refer to the text. Teach reading comprehension with Post-it Notes: love this anchor chart would add check mark for something they agree with

Sight Word Song by Harry Kindergarten - New

The Sight Word Song- (High-frequency word song/rap for kids) - Awesome sight word song from Harry's Kindergarten

Welcome sign to post outside the classroom door

cute classroom welcome sign - easy bulletin board

I would make this cuter but I like the idea.

Open House -another "thank you" gift for info session/interest meetings

Summary Anchor Chart

Summary Anchor Chartthe hand graphic organizer seemed to Beverly popular when writing.

Namebow rainbow!

Could have peers give the adjectives - namebow rainbow--adjective practice! Great for self esteem too!

Anchor Chart: Rounding Decimals

McHugh's Corner: Where Mathletes Come to Train: Anchor Charts and We Can!