FREE PRINTABLE R-Controlled Word Lists

I have combined all of my r-controlled sight word lists below.pdf for your convenience. Practice these sight words with

FREE Reading Test For Your Child

In Announces Bold Early Reading Goals: After extensive research and input from all 13 Nevada counties we serve, our board of directors has adopted the critical issue of “children reading at grade level” as its focus area moving forward.

Teaching Fractions Through Art - Fraction Sundaes

Practice math fractions this summer through fraction sundaes! After the art project is complete, bring your creation to life with real scoops of ice cream :)

FREE PRINTABLE Ekwall Site Word Lists for Preschool - 3rd Grade

Most of the words your children read are sight words. You will find Ekwall sight words here that are used often by teachers.

Dolch Sight Words FREE PRINTABLES Preschool Through 3rd Grade.png

Find preschool through third grade Dolch word lists with sight words your child needs to know for reading success.

Fun With Math - Hands-On Measurement - Paper Airplane and Watermelon Seed Spitting Contests - FREE PRINTABLES

Teach measurement in a hands-on way through a paper airplane flying contest and a watermelon seed spitting contest.

How To Use Reading Baskets At Home

Using reading baskets will help encourage your child to take an interest in reading for pleasure.