Syllables Practice from 3rd Grade Edug8tor on - (11 pages) - Enjoy this freebie to help your students with breaking words into syllables!

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Fraction Number Line and Comparing Fractions from Under the Crystal Chandelier on - (5 pages) - This file relates fractions with denominator of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 on a number line and an assignment to practice those skills.

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Persuasive Writing Prompt Jar from Launching Learning on - (4 pages) - Printable writing prompt slips and jar labels for persuasive writing centre

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Mathematics Definition Posters FREEBIE from EduGuru on - (8 pages) - This is a set of 6 colorful printable A4 posters to "spice up" your mathematics classroom. They cover mathematics definitions that meets common core standards.

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Grades K-5 Math Common Core Cluster Overview & Alignment Charts from K-8 MathPaths on - (9 pages) - This color-coded overview poster shows Common Core clusters for K-5 mathematics! The file is set up as two letter-size pages that can be printed side-by-side as a poster.

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Long Multiplication | Free poster from LittleStreams on - (2 pages) - A unique custom designed poster on Long Multiplication. We like to include as much information as possible in our posters without making the poster seem too complex.

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Homophones Pirate Themed Center Game from literature4u on - (11 pages) - Homophone Activity for Centers

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FREE Step by Step Writing Response Strategy for Math {Writing to Explain Math} from A Touch of Class Teaching on - (11 pages) - Writing response strategy for math. Helps students structure their math responses to effectively explain their answers.

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Context Clues Graphic Organizer from The Resourceful Teacher on - (1 page) - This graphic organizer assists students with using context clues during reading to discover the meanings of new words.

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The Quadrilateral | Free poster about the quadrilateral and its properties from LittleStreams on - (2 pages) - This is a completely FREE poster on The Quadrilateral. We always think it's important to explain what shapes are in basic terms, with accompanying info, before exploring the different types.

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