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FREE 9th-12th Grade

Easter Egg Hunt Scatter Plot Activity from Teacher Twins on - (5 pages) - Students graph the data using a scatter plot. They create a line of best fit and answer questions about the scatterplot.

Exponent Rules Puzzle from Teacher Twins on - (6 pages) - Exponent Rules Puzzle. Problems use multiplying exponents with the same base rule, dividing exponents with the same base rule and power to a power rule.

Task Cards - Systems of Linear Equations Sample from Teach With Fergy on - (9 pages) - This 16 System of Linear Equations Task Card resource is unique. It can be utilized in a clue gathering, puzzle solving, highly active and engaging activity and/or as an alternative to worksheet review for Linear Systems.

Bookmarks Plus: Animal Farm edition--A Handy Little Reading Aid! from Word-wise Educational Products/Pegi Rose on - (4 pages) - BOOKMARKS PLUS� are handy comprehension tools for literature: fiction, nonfiction, and plays. They provide information about the author, characters, setting, and themes, as well as a list of defined vocabulary words.

Introduction Checklist for Literary Analysis Essays from Educator Helper on - (1 page) - Free checklist of parts of an introductory literary analysis for AP, Pre-AP, G/T,college level writers. Makes writing an introduction for a literary analysis easier to understand. Great for ELA test prep! Meets CCSS.

Simplifying Rational Exponents Error Detection Worksheet from Mrs.ETeachesMath on - (1 page) - This is a "quiz" that a "student" has taken. The students must "grade" the quiz and correct any problems with incorrect answers.

Parallel Lines with Transversals Extra Practice Worksheet from Mrs.ETeachesMath on - (1 page) - One page practice worksheet for a parallel lines with transversals unit. There are two proofs and a section on classifying angles.

Algebra Error Detection Practice Worksheet from Mrs.ETeachesMath on - (1 page) - Error detection worksheet involving rational exponents, radicals, and combining like terms

Matrix Operations Worksheet from Mrs.ETeachesMath on - (2 pages) - A two page worksheet that includes the following matrix operations: addition, subtraction, and multiplication

Chemistry Jokes & Riddles (periodic table of elements, symbols, science) from Kelly Wilson on - (15 pages) - What do you do with a dead chemist? You barium! What did one atom say to the other? I have my ion you! What element derives from a Norse god? Thorium Everybody loves a good joke. Share these silly chemistry jokes with your students and other teachers t

Research 101: Ready, Set, Research! from EdTechTeacher on - (39 pages) - Research 101: Ready, Set, Research! includes a 39 slide powerpoint that serves as a modern, interactive introduction to student research. The presentation focuses on showing students how to select the best resources, access the results they need using dif

Murder on the Orient Express Frnech Phrases Transloation from jankopis on - (2 pages) - Student can use this to translate the French phrases that Christie fails to translate in the text.

Common Core Text Exemplars for Grades 9-12 - Links to Free Works from Christopher Mitchell on - (10 pages) - This document contains URLs to several (but not all) free and legal CCSS text exemplars for grades 9-12, as listed in Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks. These works are provided for educational purposes by the respective websites.

50+ Links to FREE Informational Texts for Middle & High School Grades from Christopher Mitchell on - (13 pages) - As you may know, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) place significant emphasis on the incorporation of informational texts into the curriculum. These texts might include freshly published articles and essays, foundational U.S. documents, and historic

This freebie includes: * reading literature anchor standard #2 overview example * a short sample of suggested readings for standard #2 * thematic analysis graphic organizers (one for grades 9-10 and one for 11-12) * an objective summary handout * a thematic analysis essay assignment * a rubric for essay assignment (one for grades 9-10 and one for grades 11-12)

Current Events Lesson - American Airlines Merger from Nick Samsal on (11 pages) - This is a short current events lesson designed to create discussion about the recent controversy over the merger between American Airlines and U.S Airways.

Current Events Lesson - NSA Surveillance Scandal from Nick Samsal on (11 pages) - This is a short current events lesson designed to create discussion about the spying conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). Created on 29 October 2013, this lesson focuses on the spying conducted by the U.S. government against its European alli

Sort:Factoring -Difference/Sum of Cubes-Cubics,Quartics from CarynLovesMath on (6 pages)

A very hard test... best exam preparation to encourage careful reading! from Teachers Resource Force on (3 pages) - A clever resource which challenges students to really follow written instructions carefully when doing tests or exams. This one will be sure to make an impact and stick in their minds next time they take an exam. Just try not to laugh while they are doin

Free Pinterest End Of LessonFree Pinterest End Of Lesson Activity For Any Subject! (Formative Assessment) Activity For Any Subject! (Formative Assessment) from Presto Plans on (2 pages) - This resource allows you to use something modern and current that the students love to your advantage. After any lesson, have students use this free worksheet to apply their understanding by making connections. The download includes a ready-to-print wo

Ups and Downs: A Fable about Politics from Information Station on (4 pages) - In any season of politics and rhetoric, it’s good for us to step back and try to look at all perspectives. Ups and Downs is a fable using a termite colony to uncover the mindsets of our two and a half primary political parties. Use this fable as a springb

Categorizing Countries - PPT: Analyzing Nations from Rich Learning for Students on (16 pages)

Best exam preparation to encourage careful reading from Teachers Resource Force on (3 pages) - This resource is a clever way of getting your students to really read all instructions carefully before taking an exam or test.

Chalkboard Classroom Quotes Posters from on (16 pages) - Chalkboard Style Classroom Quotes Posters are perfect for spicing up any classroom decor.

High School English Rubric Sampler from Open Classroom on (4 pages) - This rubric sampler includes two CCSS aligned writing rubrics including a holistic narrative writing rubric (grades 11-12) and an analytic argumentative writing rubric (grades 9-10). Enjoy!