The 6 Levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, as demonstrated through various episodes of Seinfeld.

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Teach students rules and procedures using popular memes. Kids won't think learning rules in boring anymore! 75 memes that correspond with the rule or procedure!

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"All About Those A's"- Teacher Parody - YouTube

Types of Teachers at School


Funny Song #6: The Homework Song

What Does The Teacher Say? - YouTube

High School Teacher Caught Having A Train Ran On Her With 2 Students!

WOW!!! Great film shorts, adverts, and more to use in teaching, plus lesson ideas! Seriously, this site is amazing!! I can already envision so many ways to use these clips and ideas to motivate and inspire my students and breathe new life into my writing and reading curriculum!

The Great Animations Shed

A teacher

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This may not be the easiest to read, but a GREAT prayer for teachers. :)

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A School of Fish | 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

35 Money-Saving Classroom DIYs For Teachers On A Budget - GENIUS! Also see:

35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget

Inspirational quotes for students to color... great way to decorate the room and motivate students!

All Quotes Coloring Pages

Dear Policymakers and Administrators: Let Us TEACH!

Dear Policymakers and Administrators: Let Us TEACH!

I used to love doing this as a kid. Printable Abstract Coloring pages

Art Journal Ideas

Teaching theme with Disney movies --- I do not think my students would object to this.

Things Disney taught me

All 41 School House Rocks CLIPS for the Classroom

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Brad Barton... A magician and motivational speaker. I heard him address kids...finding the magic in themselves. I heard him address 4H leaders... Finding the magic in the kids we work with. He brought me to tears in both of his presentations, and truly changed me!

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Funny Teacher Memes | Teacher Humor

Teaching Quotes

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Mind Boggling Process (5x7 doodle print)

Solar System to scale

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When children feel better, they behave better.

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<3 best morning ever


I will teach to my best ability but ultimately they are your children.

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Monster Mash.. super cute dance video for kids to take a break or indoor recess.

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I am a teacher. Love this. :)

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