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an advertisement for flipgrd in your class
Flip for ALL! 50+ ways to use Flip in your class
Bring the back row in class to the FRONT row! Flipgrid gives all students a voice with video. Here's how to use it in class.
the ultimate guide to video marketing info
How To View Youtube Videos Without Clutter | Midnight Music
the text reads 123 google classroom resources for teachers
350+ Google Classroom Tips, Tutorials and Resources
125+ Google Classroom Tips, Tutorials and Resources
the wheel of fortune is displayed in this screenshot from an iphone screen capturer
Decide Now App~a Bright Ideas for your classroom
Phone app spinner for the classroom! How cool!
a black and white photo of an airplane flying in the sky
inklewriter - Education
inkle - build your own interactive story.
the app makr logo is shown in blue and red
Homepage - Educators Technology
3 Great Tools for Teachers to Create Their Own Educational Apps ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning part 2
two laptops and a tablet with the same image on them, both displaying different people's faces
Flip is a video discussion and sharing app, free from Microsoft.
Flipgrid. Is. Awesome!
the logo for grockit is shown in black and blue with a thought bubble above it
100 Essential EdTech Tools By Category [Updated 2024]
50 Essential Ed Tech Tools by Category
a hand holding a sign that says 5 digital exit ticket alteratives on it
Hit the Mark With Digital Media Exit Cards
Goodbye paper! Gather instant feedback from students with these digital alternatives to the exit ticket.
the logo for emaze is shown in red, yellow and orange colors with circles on it
Content Creation: Best Presentations, eCards & More | emaze
The best online presentation software alternative to Prezi and PowerPoint. Free 3D presentation templates and themes for speakers and content marketing Pros.
an apple sitting next to a chalkboard with the word google written on it
Google Classroom Student Quick Guide
Google Classroom guide for students
an image of a computer screen with the words think about things and pictures on it
Create Interactive Albums with ThingLink Channels
Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners: Create Interactive Albums with ThingLink Channels
a black speech bubble with the words world book talk written in white chalk on it
Use the Aurasma AR app to create fantastic book talks and share here!
the new google drive logo is shown above an image of a yellow, green and blue triangle
Use This Cheat Sheet to Navigate Google’s New Drive
Use This Cheat Sheet to Navigate Google’s New Drive
an image of a web page with many different logos and icons on the front cover
Rich Kiker's site - Kiker Learning - is a wealth of tutorials and tools for using the Google ecosystem. Be sure to check out his Google Dashboard for a ton of cool apps and extensions for Chrome.