2nd Grade Common Core

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2nd Grade Common Core

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Affixes are in Common Core K-8. "Chocolate Roots" is a great way to introduce or review the concept of roots. Students use the word CHOCOLATE and add a prefix/suffix/root to alter the meaning. The kids of all ages will have a BLAST with words like "chocolatology-the science of chocolate!" Download today-implent tomorrow!!!

How do children around the world go to school? This is a great idea for a Back to School lesson. It integrates social studies and math. FREE printables.

Tips to help your students that are easily distracted. Plus a ton of other ideas from the Bright Ideas blog hop.

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas: Bright Ideas Blog Hop: Organizing Important Papers for Meet the Teacher Day

Classroom Transition DJ on PowerPoint has different songs to signal to students where they need to transition next. Kids will love the old tv theme songs they hear to tell them to line up or pack up their backpacks instead of you having to tell them over and over.

Important Scientist Flap Book- Study one a month and by the end of the year you have a complete biography

Great activity to have students look for synonyms for "said" during readers' workshop.

No Excuses Writing

This Writing Folder encourages independent writing and promotes student accountability! Must have resource for each student in the beginning of the year. Click on the link for a complete preview.

Writing folders are an essential component in my classroom. Read this post to see how I use it in my Animal Book unit.

Morning Messages - with additional tasks that you can assign to groups to differentiate the assignment. $

Classroom organization

Back to School Math Stories for Second Grade $

Blends - These are fabulous and FREE! Great Resource!

Addition and Subtraction Scoot - Get your students up and moving with this Addition and Subtraction Scoot bundled pack! It includes 11 Scoot games! WOW! $

Addition and subtraction anchor charts to help the kids remember which way to go on the number line. Smart!

Addition and subtraction words (image only)

Strategy: Subtraction Anchor chart Subject: Numbers & Operations Process: Problem solving Common Core: 2.NBT.5 Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction. Need: strategy for abstract practice Goal: trick for procedural knowledge Materials: anchor chart Summary: Teach students procedural poem, practice with subtraction problems

Organize with supply labels on clothespins.

Looking for new homework ideas? Have you tried home journals. They are a great way to improve your students' writing and reading skills. I just added an EDITABLE (using Powerpoint) Home Journal packet that has a year's worth of writing homework for primary students. paid

SEASON PREMIERE Back to School SCOOT! A PERFECT pre-assessment!!

When you go to a party and don't know very many people, how do you connect with them? Do you try to find something that you have in common? Shared experiences? "I've been in your shoes" is a fun activity that helps your students finding something in common with each other plus you can do a mini-lesson on figurative language at the same time. #FREE printables for you. #newteachers

Making Inferences: Scaffolding the Strategy Whole-Class and Small Group

Teaching Fourth: Fairy Tales Anchor Chart. This anchor chart explains the elements that make a fairy tale.

Free reading literature graphic organizers for first and second grade. These graphic organizers are great for small groups, guided reading, reading workshop, and more.