4th Grade Common Core

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4th Grade Common Core

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Free!!!! Enjoy a free resources from Rockin Resources! I created it for a review of friendly letter writing with my fourth graders.This products contains:1. A teaching slide for the 5 parts of a friendly letter.2. A teaching slide for capitalization and punctuation for a friendly letter.3.

Anchor text is an awesome way to teach writing in the upper grades. This blog posts includes info on how to use anchor text in your writing lesson and how to cite sources.

Language Arts Pacing Guide

Theme Task Cards (Theme-Filled Cupcakes analogy): 16 story cards and two options for recording sheets (write your own theme or multiple choice).

This inferring lesson will give kids vocabulary strategies as they use clues to figure out word meanings.

Character Traits Writing Task Cards FREE

A year-round song to a catchy caroling tune about how a thesaurus can help us find words. My kids love this! Wont the parents LOVE to hear their child sing about a thesaurus?!

Classroom Transition DJ on PowerPoint has different songs to signal to students where they need to transition next. Kids will love the old tv theme songs they hear to tell them to line up or pack up their backpacks instead of you having to tell them over and over.

Greek Mythology Partner Plays for grades 4-5! Each set contains 5 scripts! Great for improving fluency! $

Build reading fluency in a fun way... with upper elementary partner plays! Download this FREE 2-person script about Aphrodite that students can read with a partner!

Interactive Notebooks: Mentor Text for RL 4.4 Figurative Language in Mythology FREE

Interactive Notebook Bundle for Fourth Grade - 625 pages! $

Vocabulary Notebook for Bigger Kids

This is a fun back-to-school activity where we teachers can get to know our incoming students! The pages of this flipbook include: 1. Facts About Me! 2. My Family 3. My Goals and Dreams 4. My Preferences 5. Four More Fast Facts

Subject Labels FREE!!

Do your students enjoy lap books and other fun projects? This 47 page unit is packed with fun and engaging ways to teach your students about biographies. It is aligned with the Common Core Standards. Included in this unit are:* 7 slide power point presentation on biographies and examples*A Famous Person Biography Lap Book project- it includes a rubric for assessment and teacher guide* Interview in a Bag Biography Project- includes a rubric for assessment and a teacher guide*Me In Pictures Auto...

Back to school tips on creating specific math charts to help you have a successful year in math instruction. These charts could be replicated for Literacy, also.

Runde's Room: Summary of Learning Anchor Charts - add a point to a cumulative anchor chart after each lesson - great for review at the end of the unit

Math Sorts for Every 4th Grade Common Core Math Standard! This resource includes 36 sorts, one for each standard and substandard for 4th grade common core. These sorts work perfectly in an interactive notebook, but would also work in a center.

4th Grade Math Skills Scoot Mega Bundle - Your students will have a blast working on 4th grade math skills with this set of 27 Scoot games! Scoot is a fast paced, whole class game that is simple to make and LOTS of fun! These Scoot cards are also great for centers and small groups! Available for grades 3 - 5! $

Use these apps as a fun way to practice math skills, whether you are at home or in the classroom!

Great anchor charts on fractions here!

Multiplying Fractions - Brownie Pan Method (for teachers)...you had me at brownie!