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When students EXPERIENCE "taxation without representation", they gain a better understanding of historical events. For more ideas, see my 3 week-long Declaration of Independence Unit.

Math Games and Centers: 5th Grade Print and Play (No Prep) Your students will have a blast while working on Common Core math skills with this set of 50+ math games. All the games are 1 page with the spinner on the game board. All you need to do is print and play! $

A collection of interactive and engaging resources for students and teachers: from interactive eBooks to Videos and Classroom Activities.


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Tales of a High School Math Teacher: Classroom Set-Up

This is a fun back-to-school activity where we teachers can get to know our incoming students! The pages of this flipbook include: 1. Facts About Me! 2. My Family 3. My Goals and Dreams 4. My Preferences 5. Four More Fast Facts

ELA Word Work for BIG KIDS Strategies to implement right away with your students.

Anatomy Arcade. OH MY GOSH! Fun site. Play games to learn muscles, skeleton, and more.

Fraction Operations Foldable: Multiplying & Dividing Fractions Side

Fifth Grade Common Core Lesson Plan Template with drop-down boxes. You can even customize the lesson plan format! All grade levels available

Do you want your students to become experts at solving word problems? These differentiated multi-step word problems will allow you to meet the different needs of each of your students. The graphic organizer will support students in solving and explaining problems. Aligned to Common Core Standards for 5th grade

When students EXPERIENCE "taxation without representation", they gain a better understanding of historical events. For more ideas, see my 3 week-long Declaration of Independence Unit.

Are you looking for an unforgettable classroom activity to teach theme to your upper elementary students? Students read 4 passages and identify the theme. Then they write it on the "creme" circle and hide it inside the cupcake! This theme activity can be used to create a great reading bulletin board, too!

FREE informational texts about famous Olympic athletes who are outstanding role models for your students!

Shrinky Dinks Cell Models. Such a fun way to teach students the various structures of cells.

Dividing Decimals Resource Pack (5th grade): 2 lesson plans, 2 note-taking pages, worksheets for independent practice, posters, a quiz, and 32 task cards ($).

Display these colorful CC ELA information text posters as you teach and review nonfiction text. Common Core vocabulary has been bolded and the words "We can" in red font adds a personal, positive touch. Laminate for future use. price item.

Common Core Cause Effect ready to print student worksheets with examples, answers and much more! Add this to your desktop CC folder for easy access! priced item

Interactive Notebook Hands-On Fifth Grade Common Core Bundle $ 28% off - use code - TPTCYBER (Dec.1 and 2)

Help your students with coordinate systems with this fun calendar component. Each day will provide a clue, and by the end of the month your students will have created a picture.

T Fun All About Me Activity with a social media theme....my kids loved doing this this week! {free on blog}

Civil War Unit: In this 3 week unit students will learn about the causes, events, and effects of the Civil War. This resource contains 15 complete lesson plans, 30+ worksheets with answer keys, a powerpoint presentation, task cards, and much more! There are several original informative articles and a dozen writing opportunities. ☆Your students will be practicing important literacy skills while learning social studies content. ☆($)

Olympic Math Scoot 5th Grade - Your students will have a blast with this set of 8 Olympic math Scoot games! $

Olympics for Kids. Top 10 Picks!