5th Grade Common Core

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American Revolution Quotes! This is a great way to integrate social studies into your literacy block. Each unit comes with 4 quote posters, a weekly student worksheet that practices 5 literacy skills (1 per day), 4 task cards per quote, & ALL answer keys included! ($4)

32 Decimals and Place Value Task Cards: These task cards are a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of decimal place value (5.NBT.1). You can use these in math centers, to play SCOOT!, as a review, and more!

Point of View flow chart plus a 10-passage worksheet where students must justify their answer.

Have a poetry slam in your classroom! Get this free editable invitation for parents!

Battle spy codes of the revolutionary war using order of operations, close reading, and social studies.

FREE Area and Perimeter: Area and Perimeter FREE Math Task Cards - This FREE printable packet focuses on the 3rd and 4th grade common core math skills of calculating area and perimeter of shapes.

Are you looking for an activity that will allow your students to analyze a reader's mood after reading a passage? This set of task cards include 24 reading passages. Students read each passage and answer the multiple choice question that follows.

Plant Adaptations Anchor Chart

Using a Dictionary {FREE}

Bingo, Task Cards, and 6 worksheets - everything you need for your students to master Multiplying and Dividing Decimals!

Finding Area & Perimeter Task Cards FREE from The Curriculum Corner

End of the Year 5th Grade Math Games - Your class will have a blast with this set of 14+ print and play math games. You can have fun and keep it academic until the end of the year! $

Children have an innate sense of curiosity. Such curiosity leads them to an exploration of the world around them and the natural progression to science. Science

Super Summer FUN activity- make ice cream in a bag. This is so fun for the kids to make and tastes AMAZING! ( Only a few basic ingredients needed)

Lots of great tips and tricks for the end of the year. I love the tips on to prep for the next school year!

Easy to implement math games you need to start playing NOW! Minimal tools needed.

Main idea task cards- This set includes 10 cards with this arrangement. A bonus game-like answer sheet is also included!

Review the parts of speech by playing Hangman! Check out this grammar activity plus four more engaging grammar games for upper elementary students! This blog post contains FREEBIES, too!

Negative Prefixes » Book Units Teacher

Decimals Unit (for 5th grade): everything you need to supplement your decimals instruction! This unit comes with 7 mini-units. Each mini-unit comes with 2 lesson plans, worksheets for note-taking, worksheets for independent practice, a quiz, and 32 task cards ($).

Keep Calm and Teach 5th Grade: Equivalent Fractions & Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators, math anchor chart. Great chart for a difficult concept to visualize.

Honor Our Heroes: Readers' Theater Script for Veterans Day (includes the script for 27 readers and a follow up worksheet that is similar to an anticipation guide)

Word walls have a reputation of being useful only in the primary grades. I disagree because I have seen word walls used to great effect in fourth, fifth and sixth grades. It just comes down to the creativity involved and the approach taken by the teacher. Betsy Weigle, Classroom Teacher Resources

Free Literature Theme Posters (also come in white to save on ink!)