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    Loads of resources to teach Georgia Science and Social Studies.

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    Georgia Science & Social Studies Resources

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    Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver

    Biography tube characters with quotes. This would be good for the Historical Figures we learn about in third grade.

    George Washington Carver in under 2 minutes. Peanuts, crop rotation, nitrogen, shampoo, and all kinds of good things are mentioned in this video.

    For First Grade! Graphic organizers, Venn Diagrams, Quick Writes, and Assessments! Six historical figures!

    The Art Curator for Kids - 13 Ways to Integrate Art and Math Projects Cindy @ The Art Curator for Kids

    Can You Make Electricity with Water? | Wonderopolis

    Habitats of the World - "What's a Habitat?" Little Book introduces the concept of plants and animals living and surviving in their habitats.We read the story several times with our class, highlight for key details and illustrate each page according to the text to demonstrate our reading comprehension.

    This organizer is great to use with your eagle research. Also, it coincides perfectly with PebbleGo, a fabulous kid-friendly online source of information about animals, space, and historical figures. {Grades 1-3} #FreeLessons #TPT #TeachersPayTeachers #EagleCam #Science

    Interactive Notebook Pages For Your Plant Unit - FREEBIE!

    landforms project

    Landforms and Bodies of Water

    Landforms from Brain Pop Jr

    Breathtaking Unit Study! Show your students what landforms really look like in this Powerpoint presentation with gorgeous photographs! Activities include assessments, cut and paste, booklets, and matching card games. Check the PREVIEW!

    Biography tube characters with quotes. This would be good for the Historical Figures we learn about in third grade.

    Pop bottle historical figures

    Check out this Historical Figures Packet. It has graphic organizers, writing prompts, Venn Diagrams, and multiple choice assessments for 6 famous Americans: Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington Carver, Lewis & Clark, and Thomas Jefferson.

    George Washington Carver, first grade, peanuts

    Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln Biographies

    Peanut man to go along with a study of George Washington Carver

    Social Studies Matching Card Game covering World War II! Perfect for 5th grade Georgia Teachers!!! $

    This website is fantastic! It has many different concept ideas including grouping animals by what they eat, habitat games, live eagle nest cam, games, activity and coloring pages, and some animal fact guides. There is a game where the students can design their own habitat as well. This will be a very beneficial website for each concept I will teach each day.

    What system do you have in place for your #wordwall? Try #gettingnerdy with our human body system vocabulary word wall! With over 50 visual, Spanish/English terms with roots, prefixes, and suffixes you won't be disappointed!

    The Silly Bear Hunt: Map Skills with a Literacy Twist! (Writing Activities) ~ Students LOVE “The Cool Bear Hunt” song! This activity connects map skills and writing. Students will create a map of the hunt and then write about it. An organizer, anchor charts and writing pages with scaffolding are included. Grades 1 - 3 #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT #MapSkills #ELA #Writing

    The Eagle Cam: Keeping an Eagle Eye on the Eagle Nest ~ Writing Activities ~ Observation and response booklet for eagle watching through the live stream at Berry College or elsewhere. The kids get excited and, therefore, have a plethora of things to write about! #TPT #TeachersPayTeachers #EagleCam #Science

    Susan Hardin's Ancient Greece unit... You will have everything you need to teach an engaging and thorough unit on Ancient Greek Civilization. This product is specifically designed to meet the Georgia Performance Standards for 3rd grade Social Studies, however it will fit most any curriculum that needs to teach a comparison of historical events to today, or a curriculum that teaches about the foundations of U.S.