Kimberly Watkins

Kimberly Watkins

Kimberly Watkins
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Magic Happens

If you still in doubt, this business can really take you places! Take a step towards the right direction and get your business moving.

Macaroni Caesar Salad

This salad takes everything from a Caesar salad. but take away some of the lettuce and add macaroni, and you have a whole new dish! You can add any noodle you desire!

To-Die-For Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine pasta tastes its best when served in a rich, creamy Parmesan cheese sauce made with real cream and butter.

Love this porch!

Wowzers, this is the perfect Staggered wall with dark wood flooring for the porch, and southern style columns. Great floor to ceiling windows for each room as well. Perfect start to a wrap around porch.