Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Color mixing

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Colors

This easy-to-use PDF presentation allows you to scroll through step-by-step project directions that include detailed photographs to help guide students along the way as they create a monochromatic monster illustration. Techniques and vocabulary emphasized in this project include drawing, painting, composition, size, emphasis, shape, color-mixing, hue, tint, shade, outlining.

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A one minute supercut examining (and celebrating) Pixar’s use of color. Edited by Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria) Music by Moderat. Footage from: Toy Story A…

ROYGBIV: A Pixar Supercut

5th grade | Ms. Truong's Elementary Art Class

5th grade | Ms. Truong's Elementary Art Class

Comparing Warm and Cool Colors | ArtQuest | NPT - YouTube

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Color Theory worksheet for fourth grade

Color Theory.pdf - Google Drive

Theory Books...On their first day, they painted their own color wheels using only the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. They mixed the primary colors to create the secondary colors green, orange, and violet. They also discovered what happens when all three primary colors are mixed together. The next few art classes will encompass exploring complementary colors, cool colors, warm colors, neutral colors, shades and tints of colors, etc

Zilker Elementary Art Class

color wheel

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Warm/Cool Line Landscape

Artwork published by Claire1165


Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Cool Fish-Warm Fish

pdf to add to sketchbooks

Pre-Made Sketchbook Pages Download | The Art of Ed


Creativity is Contagious

3rd Grade Still-Lifes by ramahughes, via Flickr

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dreampainters: Night and Day Trees. Based on Artsonia lesson. Oil pastel. 2010.

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Rainbow Mosaics!

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A Short Movie about Color

.: 1 Point Perspective Drawing Lesson

The Color Wheel - YouTube

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Art Lessons for Kids: The Color Wheel - YouTube

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5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Tutorial

5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Tutorial (Art Room 104)

A fun Powerpoint to introduce students to the Color Wheel: Includes Primary, Secondary, Complementary, and Tertiary colors.

The Story of the Color Wheel

The Basics Of Color

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Basic Color Theory DATA Digital Imaging 1

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Introduction to the color wheel

The Color Wheel

THE COLOR WHEEL Ms. Michelle B. Copones

The Color Wheel