Reading Groups and Literacy Centers I like the use of vowels as the group name.

Reading Centers Drive Me Crazy!

FREE Reading Strategies Bookmarks

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Books for Making Inferences and Predictions ~ fantastic texts for teaching kids to "read between the lines" | This Reading Mama

Books for Making Inferences and Predictions

Phonogram Sounds from All About Learning

5 Things Struggling Spellers Need - This Reading Mama

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When Two Vowels Go Walking Activities


Bead Slide: A Tool for Teaching Phoneme Segmentation - Make Take & Teach

Yikes....lots of choice for observation! Guided Reading Anecdotal Notes

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phonological awareness skills

Pre-Reading Skills Focus: Phonological Awareness - Lovely Commotion

Ten Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten & First Grade

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Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt - Free! Some of the kiddos could do this...

Buzzing with Ms. B: New Unit: Nonfiction Features!

Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade: Getting Started Quarter 1 Bundle

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Close Reading...a fun little post and a close reading freebie!

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Books with a Clear Problem and Solution Text Structure ~ perfect for teaching comprehension and story writing with fiction | This Reading Mama

Books with a Clear Problem and Solution

Ed and ing endings. Great idea for the "Fix this sentence" class activity. Better than the white board!

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Phonemic Awareness, Blooms Site has other resources, autism intervention, phonics, math, RTI, Worksheets, spuzzles

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Story map anchor chart to write a summary - historical fiction

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These are some common spelling generalizations used by beginning spellers! These are typically found in the first level of sequence when using the Orton Gillingham method. Included are: The "cat-kite" rule- spelling with c or k. The "f,l,s" (fliz) rule- doubling f, l, and s. -ck word and syllable ending -soft g and c (for spelling and reading) Feedback is appreciated!

Spelling Generalization Posters

Five-finger retell! This is a simple way for students to remember how to write summaries. The teacher can hang these hands up in the classroom or students can simply use their own hands if they can't see the ones hung up. This lesson can be done by having students go through the five finger retell on a story they have previously read.

5 Finger Retell (summarizing strategy)

The Primary Pack: What can you do in a 15 minute small reading group??? [Plus a: READER FREEBIE]

What can you do in a 15 minute small reading group??? [Plus a: READER FREEBIE]

Nonfiction text features anchor chart and poster for the classroom

Fabulous in Fifth!: PINTERESTing! Nonfiction Text Features

PIE - Author's Purpose

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Why do some words have a double consonant at the end? How do you know which letters you should double and which ones you shouldn’t? The Floss Rule is all you need to solve these mysteries forever.

Spelling Tips and Tricks – The Floss Rule

Main Idea teaching idea: Do this after each read-aloud etc.

First Grade Wow: What's the Big Idea???

decoding strategies (jealous for this handwriting)

Just Reed: Ten Pin LInky Party: Reading Ideas

schema, evidence, Inference- Good for teaching reading strategies for non-fiction.

Fearless in 5th: Go Texan Day!